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Our Girls went on their first troop camping trip in August of 2002!

  Two other Brownie troops were invited to make it a group event.

Girls, you were loads of fun and I would take you all camping again anytime! Thank you for a great weekend!

See pictures of the swaps made, one of the centerpieces and the Yough Patch. (Note: my digital camera is a bit fuzzy, sorry about the quality of these pictures but you get the idea)

What we did each day:

Friday: Arrive at camp, put belongings inside lodge and set up bed. Group Campfire, make and eat Smore's, Sing Songs.

Saturday: Earned Girl Sports Patch, played with parachute, group craft session in which we made rainbow magnets and autograph books, Group campfire with banana boats, swapped swaps, and more songs.
Meals we ate: pancakes and bacon, mini pizzas, hunters stew (the girls all said this looked gross :) but most ate it!)

Sunday: Service Projects for the campground washing windows and picking up trash around the campground. Packed personal belongings and cleaned the lodge.
Meals we ate: frosted flakes, hot dogs & corn

To prepare for camp in May we held a camp meeting. We talked about Swaps and made some, we talked about fire safety and built an edible fire, and the girls choose and voted on meals.

Each girl participated in Kapers over the weekend and got to perform each at least once. The cooks prepared for and cooked the meals, the firebuilders helped build a fire and collected wood when needed, the hostesses made a natural centerpiece for certain meals, served meals and cleaned up after meals. I was extremely proud of the girls behavior and volunteering to help clean up even when they didn't have to! Each girl did dishes, cooked, and helped build a fire.

I want to thank the following adults for helping with the trip, without them a succesful weekend might not have been possible: Pat, Lynn, Karen, Arlene.


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