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Build and Edible Camp Fire! - Teaching Fire Building

Item's We used:

Fire Site: Napkin
Rake: Fork
Fire Bucket: Paper cup of juice or water
Kindling: Pretzel thins
Tinder: Shredded cheese
Match: Licorice
Flame: Red hots or candy corn
Fuel: Pretzel logs
Emergency Fire Starters: raisins

To Build Fire: Clean fire site with rake. Fill fire bucket and place nearby. Arrange wood into three piles. Make an "A" in the center of the fire site with kindling. Add two mini handfuls of tinder. Put match under top bar of "A" to light fire. Add flames. As fire catches and burns, add fuel. Put fire out by sprinkling (or sipping) from fire bucket. Leave a clean fire site by eating it all up!

PDF Version of our Edible Campfire You can download the Acrobat Viewerfor free.



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