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This is a complete list of every page and file on our website.

Current .html pages in our site: (32)
activities.html - events & outings our troop or girls participated in
activities02.html - events & outings our troop or girls participated in, in the 2001-2003 program year
breakfast.html - from our Troop Recipe Book, no recipes yet   *NEW*
camp.html - main camp page
campyough02.html - our camping trip August 2002. Activities, swaps and what we ate
contact.html - how to contact our leaders
cookiesale.html - 2003 cookie sale info
dcswaps.html - Swaps collected at the 90th Anniversary D.C. Singalong
dinner.html - from our Troop Recipe Book, 1 recipe   *NEW*
drinks.html - from our Troop Recipe Book, no recipes yet   *NEW*
ediblefire.html - how to build an edible campfire
gsdictionary.html - typical girl scout terms
index.html - main site page
insignia.html - pictures show where insignia goes on sash and vest
kennywoodswaps.html - Swaps collected at 90th Anniversary Kennywood Event
leader.html - resources online for leaders and downloads
lunch.html - from our Troop Recipe Book, 3 recipes   *NEW*
meet.html - about our girls, leaders and helping parents
news.html - upcoming troop and council events
parents.html - main info page for our troop parents
pdp.html - Try-It Puppets Dolls and Plays: pic and activities we completed
picsofyough02.html - pics of swaps at Camp Yough 2002
plinks.html - links for parents of our troop
promiselaw.html - the girl scout promise and law
recipes.html - Our troop Recipe Book main page   *NEW*
sitemap.html - you are here :)
- from our Troop Recipe Book, 4 recipes   *NEW*
TD2002.html - our 2002 Thinking Day event
thankyou.html - my many thanks to those who have helped me along the way
tryit.html - list of try it's earned and working on
tryit02.html - list of try it's earned in the 2001-2002 program year
webrings.html - webrings this website belongs to

These are all the downloadable files currently in our site: (11)

(You may not make these files available on your website or anywhere on the internet.  These were created by me and owned by me.  You may however print them out for use in your troop)

.pdf files
ediblefire.pdf - You can print this page about how to do an edible campfire
TryItSheet.pdf - Printable Try-It Record Sheet

.doc files

Leader_Info_ Sheet.doc     *NEW*
I created this to use within my Community (Service Unit) to help gather information needed about leaders and troops. 
Staying_Organized_Handout.doc   *NEW*
This is a front/back page flyer on being organized while leading a troop.  My contact and copyright information must stay intact! 
This is what I use to keep track of troops I coach and contacts with them. 
Meeting_ Outline.doc     *NEW*
This is the outline I use to help me remember what we are doing at the meetings.  It is 2 pages and plenty of room to fill in your activities.  It has helped me at meetings when I loose track to reference what is next and who holds kaper jobs. 
Volume_2_Issue_5_sample.doc    *NEW*
This is a sample newsletter.  It has been modified so that our meeting dates and personal information does not appear.  You may use this outline and change the information if you like.  I do a newsletter for the girls and parents to read the first meeting of every month. 
Badge_ Presentation.doc    *NEW*
There are 8 badge cards.  Print out as many as you need on card stock.  I write in the information as the girls earn badges so that I don't forget.  I then staple the badge to the card in the blank space.  These are then used to present the badges at the COA Ceremony.  This helps lesson the work right before COA by having it done as they complete them.  These are sized to fit the sleeves in the “Girl Scout Patch Collector Book”
girl_ questionaire.doc    *NEW*
This was used during our sign up meeting.  The girls were given the Try-It book to look through and choose badges they had interest in and asked to share what activities they would like to do this year.  These were all later voted on.  The second page was to get to know each other since we had some new girls join.  They would take that part home and bring the next week. 

TryItSheet.doc - Printable Try-It Record Sheet

.xls files
TryItRecord.xls - Printable Try-It Record Sheet


Notice: Graphics, photo's and writings © Roxanne Beer 2002. They are NOT available for download, and are not to be used in any form unless otherwise noted. My personal time, heart and soul went into this work. Please respect my wishes. Thank you.

Some photo images used on my site: © " 'Girl Scouts' and other GIRL SCOUT Trademarks are registered trademarks of Girl Scouts of the USA and are used herein pursuant to license."