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There are alot of resources out there for Girl Scout Leaders. Maybe your a new leader looking for some help, maybe you have been a leader for many years looking for new ideas. Either way there are alot of places on the net that can be of help. There are areas that take you to other websites, some things you can find right here on ours. If you follow a link outside our website it will open a new window for you. This way you still have access to this website. Also the sites have been checked to the best of my ability for children. Updates may not be checked. If you follow a link and see questionable content, please email me! I have lots more stuff to share yet, I will add it as I have the time.

If you are a leader in the Southwestern Pa Council we have some good resources here as well.
GS of Southwestern Pa

Things you can download from
our website
Email Lists
Great Lists for Leaders to get ideas and share there ideas!

Leaders Websites
Visit website's other leaders have created

Crafts & Swaps
Get some great ideas on these websites!
Official Girl Scout Webpages
Great links for girls and adults
Learn to make knots, recipes, need ideas?
GS History
Want to learn about Scout History?
Holidays? Great Links here!
GS Songs
If your looking for songs to sing
at meetings or camp these are
the links to check out!
Misc Links
If it doesn't fit elsewhere it is
probably here.

GS of Southwestern Pa

Our council website is: GS of Southwestern Pa
Our resource center offers a lending library and rent able equipment, forms, referrals to staff for further info and more. The lady in charge there is very helpful! You can reach her by any of the following methods:
- 1-800-248-3355 extension 2236
- 412-261-4088
- By email
- More information on the website about the resource center and hours of operation

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(You may not make these files available on your website or anywhere on the internet.  These were created by me and owned by me.  You may however print them out for use in your troop)

Leader Info Sheet     *NEW*
I created this to use within my Community (Service Unit) to help gather information needed about leaders and troops. 

Staying Organized Handout     *NEW*
This is a front/back page flyer on being organized while leading a troop.  My contact and copyright information must stay intact! 

Coach/Leader Tracking Sheet     *NEW*
This is what I use to keep track of troops I coach and contacts with them. 

Meeting Outline     *NEW*
This is the outline I use to help me remember what we are doing at the meetings.  It is 2 pages and plenty of room to fill in your activities.  It has helped me at meetings when I loose track to reference what is next and who holds kaper jobs. 

Troop Newsletter Sample     *NEW*
This is a sample newsletter.  It has been modified so that our meeting dates and personal information does not appear.  You may use this outline and change the information if you like.  I do a newsletter for the girls and parents to read the first meeting of every month. 

Badge Presentation     *NEW*
There are 8 badge cards.  Print out as many as you need on card stock.  I write in the information as the girls earn badges so that I don't forget.  I then staple the badge to the card in the blank space.  These are then used to present the badges at the COA Ceremony.  This helps lesson the work right before COA by having it done as they complete them.  These are sized to fit the sleeves in the “Girl Scout Patch Collector Book”

Girl Questionnaire     *NEW*
This was used during our sign up meeting.  The girls were given the Try-It book to look through and choose badges they had interest in and asked to share what activities they would like to do this year.  These were all later voted on.  The second page was to get to know each other since we had some new girls join.  They would take that part home and bring the next week. 

Brownie Try It Record Sheet
You need Microsoft Office 97 or higher to view it, or download the Microsoft Excel Viewer here

The following two worksheets are for girls to use for completing Try-It's at home:

Try-It worksheet to print out
This is in .doc form from Office 97.

Try-It worksheet to print out
This is in .pdf form from Adobe Acrobat.
You can download the Acrobat Viewerfor free.

Edible Campfire - Teach Girls how to build a campfire with food. They love it and is great to use this before putting them in front of a real one! This is in .pdf form from Adobe Acrobat.

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Email Lists

This is a new list that I (leader of our troop) have started

AllGirlScouts Email List

This list is for the Girls

Brownie Leaders Email List

GirlScout Leaders

Girl Scout Swaps

This list is for Girl Scout Volunteers in the Southwestern PA Council.

If you hold any position as a volunteer your welcome. Examples of positions are Leader, Cookie Chair, Trainer, Community Positions, Delegate, etc.

We would like to discuss local events, network with troops in the council, plan gatherings with adult volunteers, share ideas, and more.

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Leaders Websites

Leader's Landing

Girl Scout Leader's Emporium

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Crafts and Swaps

Girl Scout S*W*A*P*S*
Directions and pictures, as well as swaps history and etiquitte. If I need a swap I go here!

Making Friends Scout Crafts
- Be sure to check out the rest of the site! There is alot to see!

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Official Girl Scout Webpages

Girl Scouts of the USA

Girl Scout Graphics

Leader's Resources

Just for Volunteer's

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Directory of Private Campgrounds in the US

Printer Friendly Outdoors/Camping Brochures
Consumer information for you to use and share

WAGGGS-L Cyber Cookbook
Collection of camping recipes contributed by wagggs-l list members

Animated Knots

Camping and hiking information with tips

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GS History

Vintage Girl Scout Badge Museum
Also has a pin museum. Catalog of badges from 1913-1980

Birthplace Bound
Information to take a trip to Savannah Georgia

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GS Songs

Becky's Campfire Songbook

Songs on
The words to the songs are there as well as MP3s to download. The MP3's are the songs sung by an actual girl scout troop!

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Misc Links

Thinking Day Postcard Exchange
Your troop can participate in a postcard exchange with other troops across the US and in other countries. There is also a new patch each year available for purchase. See the website for more information.

Scouting Links

Games Kids Play
Some international games as well!

Girl Power
Girl Scouts has a program for Girl Power, but how many leaders know that you can order free girl power materials online? Print out booklets and more!

Rainbow's Cyber Service Unit
Idea's to help keep a Service Unit alive and motivated

Graphmaster Scout's Records Database
A free program to keep scout records you need microsoft office 97 or higher to use it

Chris Welch's Scouting Resources
The amount of category's and info here is plentyful!

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