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We have 8 great girls in our troop. All have loads of energy and alot of fun to have around! I especially love all the hugs they give me :) We have girls in grades K-3. Autumn, Nicole, Cassie, Maria, Kaylee, Morgayne, Elise, Karli. You are a great group of girls!

I am Roxanne the troop Leader and webmaster of our site. This is my 3rd year as a leader. I am also Coach for two Community's and Registrar for one. Our resource center also has given me the title of Volunteer internet/website information specialist.   I am now also a Trainer Apprentice. 

We have 3 great co-leaders this year. Pat, Arlene & Lynne.
Pat is our first aider and helps keep me sane :)
Arlene works on Special Holidays and Outings with me
Lynne is the troop Treasurer

Kathy is a registered parent. She is our emergency contact when we go on trips and coordinates our service projects.

Thanks to all of you for being important parts of this troop!



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